Time barred charge sheets– Duty of Magistrate and procedure of taking cognizance.


Polygraph Test– Permissibility.


Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act- Small and Commercial quantity determination- complete mixture is to be taken into account in determining the quantity- Notification dated 18.11.2009 issued by th Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Government of India- Validity upheld – Decision in the case of E. Micheal Raj V. Intelligence Officers, Narcotic Control Bureau (2008) 5 SCC 161, overruled.


Plea of adverse possession can be taken as sword….


Competence of Judicial Magistrate to direct accused to give his voice sample for comparison.


Motor Accidents claims: Permanent disability: Assessment of compensation


Hindu Law: Ancestral property: Karta’s power of alienation.


Powers of Appellate Courts u/s 389 Cr. P.C. read with Section 148 of Negotiable Instruments Act as amended vide Amendment Act of 2018 to suspend sentence.


No new appointments to be made from In-Service candidates against Bar Quota to District Judge Post: SC


SC Upholds Constitutionality Of Section 23 Of PCPNDT Act, Complete Contents Of Form 'F' Mandatory [Read Judgment]


Important Judgment regarding Bail.


The wife, who holds land separately in her own right, is not entitled to be treated as an individual person for the purpose of determining the permissible area available to her, but she has to be counted with her husband for the purpose of family under section 4 of Himachal Pradesh Ceiling on Land Holdings Act, 1972.


Jurisdiction in cases of offence punishable under Section 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act.


Important Judgment of Hon’ble High Court of H.P. on Felling of Tree.


Important Judgment of Hon’ble High Court of H.P. on Animal Sacrifice.


Important Judgment of Hon’ble High Court of H.P. on MACT Cases.


Important Case Law in Dishonour of Cheque at par under Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881


Important Case Law in Motor Accident Claim


Important Judgment on 138


Case Law on furnishing of surety bond.


Handling of cases of sexual assault by State Authorities


Case Law on NDPS Act etc.


Directions on garbage disposal


Vehicle Tracking System mandatory for all commercial vehicles


Action against I.O. and Doctor


Granting adjournments in Sessions Cases


Compliance of section 42 N.D.P.S. Act


Exoneration in the departmental proceedings - Effect on Criminal Trial.


Rounding - Off the marks not permissible.


Dishonour of cheque……..


Rarest of the rare case


Prohibition on black film in window panes of vehicles


Conduct of Judicial Officer


Validity of Permanent Lok Adalats


Infamous Drunken BMW driving - Sanjeev Nanda Case


Custodial violence- Grant of compensation to the victim


Select list- Appointments beyond the posts advertised- validity


Judicial Ethics and Conduct of Judicial Officers

Himachal Pradesh Judicial Academy