The key idea behind establishment of this academy is to improve the skills, enhance the knowledge and to bring functional and attitudinal change in the Judicial Officers as well as ministerial staff of the Himachal Pradesh judiciary and other functionaries of the State Government discharging judicial and quasi-judicial functions. The main objectives of imparting training are as follows:-

 To update the knowledge of Judicial Officers, functionaries of the State Govt. and ministerial staff of State Judiciary as well as that of State Govt.

 To co-ordinate with National Judicial Academy and the other State Judicial Academies in India to share the knowledge and information.

 To bring functional and attitudinal change in the Participants.

 To impart training in Information and Communication Technology to all the Judicial Officers and ministerial staff of the State Judiciary.

 To improve the skill and knowledge of participants which would help them enhance their efficiency and productivity.

 To organize and conduct training programmes for the stake holders of the Justice Delivery System.

 To impart trainings in the areas of Court/Case and Time Management in order to ensure speedy justice.


Induction Training Programme:


             The main objectives of imparting induction training for the newly recruited / selected/ appointed Judicial Officers, inter-alia, include;


 To enhance the skill and knowledge of the newly appointed Judicial Officers and help them perform their duties and functions efficiently.

 To ensure uniformity and predictability of decisions.

 To bring functional and attitudinal change in the newly recruited / selected/ appointed Judicial Officers

 To build institutional spirit and a sense of common purpose

 To recognize the problems confronting the Judiciary and problems faced by the people and find better solutions to access to justice.


In-service training programme:

The aim and object of organizing in-service orientation, refresher training programmes and workshops inter-alia include:-

 To enhance the skill and update the knowledge of the trainee-participants;

 To bring functional and attitudinal change;

 To strengthen the ethics; and

 To motivate the trainee-participants to achieve excellence.

               Himachal Pradesh Judicial Academy                     

                                                                                 Ghandal, Shimla-171011